Posted by: clearspaces60 | September 22, 2012

Before There Was Clutter

Before Eve took a bite of that apple, she had no need for a closet or shoe rack or curio cabinet. What happened? How did the human being mutate into a collector or clutterer, packrat or hoarder? Not that clothes and shoes aren’t great. Maybe Eve had a plan. Maybe she wasn’t crazy about seeing Adam’s willy swinging in the wind all day long. Maybe she wanted to cover up from the sun and the bugs. Maybe if she distracted Adam, he would leave her alone and get something done. It seemed all the other creatures in the garden had work to do.

But how did we go from traveling clans surviving each minute as if it were to be our last, to cave dwellers that needed to have an extra cave for storage. When did we start saving and planning for the future? Who first noticed that every so often frozen stuff would fall from sky and there was less food? Who was the first one to say, “Hey let’s put some seeds aside for later”? How did we get from saving a few seeds to keeping every last button and rubber band because we might need them one day?

Animals travel all over the world, by land, sea and air, and they don’t have any baggage. Sure the occasional insect or squirrel piles up some food for the winter. But are there squirrels that hoard enough nuts to feed every squirrel in the vicinity for ten years? Birds make nests but they stop building once they have enough room. You don’t see bird storage complexes everywhere.

Is it survival of the fittest? I don’t think so. Well maybe for a few of us-the ones who ran the farthest and fastest because they were naked and had nothing to carry. What about the other ones? The ones who barricaded themselves in the caves behind all their stuff until the saber tooth tiger gave up and went away. How about the first women to string a piece of leather into a pouch and created the hand bag industry? You could have stuff AND carry it, genius! She could still run like the wind until later on when some man held her back by inventing high heels.

And who went from writing on walls, something we frown upon now, to hanging up pictures? Who pounded in the first nail, hung up a drawing and said “I want to look at this every day”?

How did we get from barely surviving to overly thriving? How did we go from- if you fell down you were in danger of becoming an animal’s dinner, to falling down and becoming trapped in an avalanche of your own making?

We are the sentient beings? We are the aware species? I am not so sure, after all, no dolphin has a picture of a human hanging in their reef.


  1. (sniff) (sniff) I’m so verklempt


  2. 🙂


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