Posted by: clearspaces60 | March 28, 2013


I wrote this last year after Easter.  It revealed the name of my Blog.

Clear Spaces.  This is what I want.  This is what I want to help people create for themselves. As I sit at my dining room table, it is covered with a variety of stuff.  It is about 8 feet long, a little too big for the space, it has two leaves and at least one should be taken out.  But first it has to be cleared off.  I did clear it off for Easter so that’s a pretty good sign of the possibilities ahead.  It has piles of paperwork, bills, business and personal, magazines, mail, my laptop, two bottles of wine, books, church paperwork, faucets for our shower, a clarinet and a flute-thankfully in their cases.  A beautiful Fitz and Floyd fruit bowl sits in the middle, lost in the abyss.

My whole house feels amiss.  Right now our master bathroom is being remodeled, a seemingly never-ending process, dust everywhere, no privacy, chaos and disarray, moments where our marriage is at the brink-could I just have the satisfaction of annihilating you for a moment,  then you can bounce right back like a video game character. The Usual from what others tell me.

Clear Spaces, sounds heavenly to me, I can see it in my mind, that’s a start right?  At least that is what I would tell others to help them.  I am focused on this dining room table and remembering why we bought it.  We wanted everyone to be able to sit at the same table on Christmas day. Every year we had so many family and friends that the house was overflowing.   We had a smaller table and would put a card table at the end of it.  Sometimes we would add another card table to accommodate everyone.  We have had a handful of Christmases with the new table and our family, relatives and friends.

But as with all families and friends, things change.  Family members pass away or are too ill to travel; children grow up, move out or have other plans.  Marriages break up and their family dynamics change.  Now we have fewer family members and invite more friends.

Can I clear the table and any lingering unhappy memories? Can I ease my family and friends unadmitted pain around the holidays?  Can I forgive those who are unable to see how they are hurting others?  Can I create a space where we focus on what we have and who does show up in your life?

I want to clear off this table and let the beautiful center piece be seen.  It is the first thing you see when you come in through the front door or the garage.  I want it to be calm, welcoming and radiate peace.

Clear Spaces, just thinking of it makes me happy, relaxed and energized about all the things I can create.  Perhaps a blog, a book, or a business. First and foremost, a warm and inviting dining room table.


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