Posted by: clearspaces60 | May 1, 2014

New Year’s Resolve

Yes I know it’s May 1st!!

My New Year’s Resolution-to have no resolutions! Well here we are on Jan 23rd and if you had any resolutions you were more than likely to have kicked them to the curb by Jan 21st. Why set yourself up for failure in the first place? Why not embrace yourself “As Is”? What if As Is is Good Enough? No refunds, no exchanges. You were born “As Is” and you were Perfection, not “perfect”, Perfection. Why not embrace and accept this?

Perfection, yes that is You. Not the crappy leftovers on the bottom of the barrel sales rack, not the “As Is” home that is for sale due to foreclosure, not the “take it or leave it” cars and trucks up for auction. The minister at my church calls this Radical Self Acceptance, something I had never heard before, self acceptance-sure you hear that all the time, but Radical. Radical means getting to the foundation or roots of something fundamental or in chemistry it refers to a group of two or more atoms that act as a single atom and goes through a reaction unchanged or is replaced by a single atom; it is normally incapable of a separate existence. Isn’t that You? Accepting everything about yourself, EVERYTHING. Yes the good, the bad and the ugly, warts and all. Again, why is there one positive aspect and the rest are negative. How about the Great, the Good habits, the fabulous characteristics, the quirky traits, the unique idiosyncrasies that make up YOU, okay and maybe a couple of minor bad habits or mistaken beliefs that you can take a look at when time permits.

Yet we dwell so much on the negative and only what we want to erase or change. We never start the New Year resolving to do things that we are already successful at doing. You are pretty good at eating and brushing your teeth, ever give yourself credit for stuff like that?

Clear the space in your head that stores these negative and hurtful thoughts, release the scary feelings of “not good enough” in whatever form it has taken- Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not tough enough, not manly enough, not thin enough, whatever is between “not_____enough.” ENOUGH- what a loaded word, it means everything from the desired amount to just adequately or tolerably played. Even looking at the word itself, Enough totally lacks any beauty or love, it is not even Enough!

OK now what? You are now on the road to Radical Self Acceptance, believing that you are Perfection, that Enough is not a dirty word because it is related to Desire and yes, you are Enough.

Where do you go from here? Where do you want to go from here? What is one tiny step you can take right now? Yes, I mean NOW, yes I mean that you have to get up from reading this blog and do one tiny thing to set things in motion. And writing a To Do List and deleting e-mails does not count, it has to be an action step. Make your bed, open a piece of mail, pay a bill, throw something away, clear a spot on a counter, wash a dish, fold some clothing, make a phone call. Just one physical step, no matter how small or insignificant you believe it is, to affirm that clear space you just created in your head to say, I am Enough in every way.



  1. Love it Mary! “I am enough”…one step at a time.:)


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