Posted by: clearspaces60 | May 6, 2015

The Jacket of My Intuition

Within the same week, I had two experiences with my intuition, both involving black jackets.

The first occurred when we celebrated a friend’s birthday at The World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle.  They have a strict dress code, the men must wear coats and ties and evening wear is required for the women.  I wore black dressy pants, a blouse with a little bling on it and a beautiful and expensive black jacket.  It was raining that evening and I had struggled with my decision about what to wear.  Do I forgo the beautiful jacket for my dress length coat? I have another lovely jacket with a satin collar that would look great too. My intuition whispered, “Bring them all”.  What?  That sounds crazy.  We will be an hour from home and the rain or shall I say mist may touch us sometime between the valet and the entrance.  So I compromised, I wore the beautiful dressy jacket and brought along my raincoat just in case.

As we lined up at the door, the young man in charge came over and explained what we needed to do when we entered as we were guests of one of the magicians, then he came over to me and said that I would have to exchange my jacket at the coat check.  What? At first I wasn’t sure he was speaking to me.  This expensive jacket breaks the code. He was very sweet and I could tell he had given this news to many other women, probably wearing much more expensive clothes.  Evidently this dress code was written back in the 1960’s and any jacket with a zipper – no matter how fancy or expensive or gorgeous – is considered outerwear and may not be worn in The World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle. Okay I get it, now do I wear one of their jackets or go get my long coat out of the van?

The birthday girl was a little upset, she had checked the dress code and told me about it, our husbands didn’t seem to think much of it and it was her birthday so I would do whatever I need to.  I did look up the dress code later and it is very long and a little crazy ( ), it says “think” a bunch of times, Think Business Attire for men, Think Elegant Attire for women, and then buried in it are all kinds of things that are tolerated and not tolerated.  Denim is tolerated for Friday lunch but not Dinner or Brunch.

What upset me was that I failed once again to listen to that inner voice.  We have a van for heaven’s sake, I could have thrown a stack of jackets, blazers, coats, wraps, sweaters and pashminas in the back of it.  But the one perfect black jacket, with buttons and a satin collar, remained at home in my closet.  The girls at the coat check were lovely and gracious, I can only imagine some of the feedback they must get from women who may not be as kind and understanding as we were.  They handed me a very boring Calvin Klein black suit blazer, Size 4, these girls were good! I said you are really sweet but a size 4?  They said, try it on. It fit perfectly, Calvin’s sizes must run big.  We had a wonderful evening and I traded it back for my jacket at the end of the night.

Five days later we were attending a wine pairing dinner at a local harbor with three other couples. One of the couples has a sailboat and we met there beforehand to enjoy some wine before the dinner.  My husband and I were spending the night at a hotel nearby and I had to pack clothes for the next day.  Since the weather could have been anything from cold to raining to warm, I packed a variety of clothes and again when I was deciding on jackets, coats, sweatshirts, etc. that still small voice stated, “Bring them all for yourself and others.”  Now this was not completely out of the ordinary, whenever we go somewhere and take our van, I pack several options depending on the weather and if others are joining us, I know that the women will have something to wear or put over them if they get cold.  This time though, I really listened and thought, let me see how this plays out.

We got to the harbor and the couple who owned  the boat came up to greet us.  When we got to the boat, we talked about the weather and that is was getting colder than they had expected.  The wife, a good friend of mine, was actually wearing a short black jacket that I had given her last year.  In my opinion this jacket is elegant attire and not very warm.  She said it was the only jacket she had with her.  Hmmm, I thought, isn’t this interesting and for more than one reason.  I had loaned her this jacket for a weekend trip she and her husband had taken.  It looked fabulous on her, on me it was too short and tight, I could never move in it.  I told her to keep it, as it had been hanging in my closet for a couple of years.  Thinking back, when I bought it I thought it was too structured and a little tight.  The woman who sold it to me said that this was the perfect size for me because it was very flattering. Well I really wanted the next size up so I could move more easily but I did not follow my intuition and went with her expert advice.  Seeing my petite friend made me realize this, another time I did not listen to that inner guide.  And to make things even better, I had an extra warm jacket that she could wear and it would even fit over the one she was wearing.

All this talk about jackets and intuition made me aware of the many times I relied on others, often for good reasons, but I ignored my own inner voice. And the word “jacket” what was that about.  A jacket is something that covers and protects, from the skin of a potato to the warmth the material keeps in or the dust it keeps off of books and record albums, or it can never let you go, like the slang term for criminal record.  What jackets are we wearing or carrying?  What is hiding under the jackets that are covered in dust? What is the truth we are covering underneath our own skin?  Are we willing to take the jacket off and reveal our true nature?  Will we gather our courage and remove the jacket and follow the voice that is our soul’s calling?

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