Posted by: clearspaces60 | August 10, 2015

Boiling Down to Grace

August 1, 2015

A new month, five months left this year and being the first there is a lot to do, payroll, pay bills etc.  But I often feel that there is something blocking me from what I need to do, information I don’t have, something I don’t know how to do, feeling physically weak or tired, computer problems, and waiting for something or someone to do their part. I know that I have to stop expecting all of these blocks and obstacles.  I want to stop seeing my life that way and believing that these thoughts are true.

It boils down to this-let’s look at that term, Boils Down.  Is that a beautiful and delicious reduction sauce and THEN you add the butter or cream to make it even better or is it the pan of water or milk you left boiling and THEN you remembered it only to find a scalded pan.  The second version seems to my case-scenario at the moment.  Cluttered house, clumps of dog hair that need to be vacuumed, clothes piled high on the hamper, clean towels taking up both laundry baskets in the garage, shoes appear to be everywhere and the paper, My God the Paper!!  I would like to boil it down to a beautiful reduction sauce, deliberate and delicious.  I want my life and home to shine and glow and greet me with Clear Spaces which is why that is the name of my blog.  I want to declutter my mind, my body, our home and our business.

Right now my scalded pan is showing me that I am not believing in my worth or deservedness or having earned the right to a clear focused mind, a fit healthy body, a comfortable home that radiates joy and beauty filled only with things that we love and use.  Why do I continue to limit my gifts to myself? Gifts like eating healthier food, moving my body, having more fun as a family, spending more time reading, allowing myself time to write, being caught up in all aspects of paperwork.

How do I go from the burnt pan to the moment before I add the butter to the reduction sauce?  The butter is the Grace, you don’t add the butter until the sauce has finished reducing.  I now choose to accept where I am in this moment no matter what it looks like, feels like, sounds like or what that chatterbox in my head is telling me.  FULL BLOWN ACCEPTANCE! This is where I am in this moment.  It Is What It Is! (My least favorite spiritual truth.)  Begin again from a new place, Grace. By the law of Grace all of these gifts are already mine if I accept them.  Grace is permanent, available to all. It works best if we accept and receive it fully.

From that beautiful state, I take a few minutes and visualize how I want my life to look and deeply feel what I truly would like to experience. When I accept, accept, accept at this deeper level I can feel the power of Grace.  The butter is the Grace, it is not required, the reduction sauce is delicious without it, but when you add that small pat of butter it changes the sauce bringing a whole new level of flavor, as a good friend of mine ( a fabulous chef) says, “unc-scious-ness”, a combination of umami and scrumptious.  That’s what I want my life to feel like. Letting that feeling propel and lead me towards doing what needs to be done, I don’t need to rely on will power, constant motivation or dire deadlines.

I have had brand new experiences by beginning with the practice of Boiling Down to Grace.

I have put some practices into place and will share them in future posts.  I have recently read Breathing Room, OpenYour Heart by decluttering your home by Lauren Rosenfeld and Dr. Melva Green and The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  I found both of them fascinating and helpful.  And there is always the wonderful Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley aka The FlyLady.



  1. Embrace it all, Mary, I see beauty and grace emanating from your soul. I know ease and joy for you as the dire deadlines melt away and you surrender more and more to the loving embrace and bliss of Spirit!

    And haha, i can totally relate to the mounds of paper work, clothes/shoes everywhere, clutter and dog hair! Yikes! So I know a new energy of organization coming in, again with ease, of home, mind, body for both of us!


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