Posted by: clearspaces60 | March 31, 2016

The Power of MORE

The Power of MORE?  What in the world is that and why did my hand just write those words in my journal?  Morning Pages have become an entity unto themselves, I have learned to go with the flow of the ink, and the words that come out rarely startle me.  Sure there is the occasional Ah-ha moment or deep truth bubbled up to the surface.  I am familiar with the Power of And, the Power of One, the Power of Many, but this is a new one.

I let my pen continue the dialogue.  Focus on More of what you want, what you desire, what you yearn for, daydream about, MORE.  O..k..a..y… and especially direct your intention to everything involving finances, income, bills, loans, debt, bank accounts, investments, retirement, taxes, our business, our son’s upcoming college tuition and anything else related to money, your prosperity consciousness, feelings of lack, not enough, what you believe, what you fear.  Then focus on MORE of what you want.

Now I have been thinking/feeling/fearing a lot of this lately.  Yet even after decades of prosperity books, workshops, classes and being able to manifest what is needed, there is still this lurking anxiety and personal struggle with not doing anything to the level of “faith filled” excellence that I truly desire. And what does this have to do with Clear Spaces? For me, clearing a new space in my mind and my heart has given me room for MORE focus.

We easily want More for others; love, joy, peace, harmony, happiness, health, great relationships and money.  Yet when it comes to ourselves and I would add, especially women, we still believe we are not supposed to desire great wealth, financial riches, luxury or “blow your mind Oprah style” abundance!

If I tell you that I want more time to meditate or a more organized home or office, I would receive affirmative supportive comments.  But if I said that I wanted to live debt free with money to spare Suze Orman-style, I bet there is still a part of most of us that immediately tells you that you are greedy, selfish, conceited, thoughtless, ruthless and of course, who do you think you are to deserve anything like that!!  Get back in those little toddler sized britches and remember that money does not grow on trees and no one around here is made of money.

The truth is, even with our perceptions of the banking systems or the economy, there is more than enough money in this world to support everyone. We created this system with barter, stones and shells and we need to remember that.  Money is the means with which we transact business.  Keeping that in mind, I am trying out this focus on MORE and beyond money, I am including health, family, home and business.

What do you want MORE of?  What does it look like?  What does it feel like?  How does focusing on MORE feel?  A little uncomfortable.  I know that being comfortable with being uncomfortable is the only way to move through this, the only way to make lasting changes.

I will keep you posted on this journey as I still work with clearing, decluttering and creating Clear Spaces.  I hope you will join me.


  1. Mary – this is brilliant! Some of your best and most thoughtful work; and my work to do as well.


  2. Keep on going, you’re on a roll! It’s all about shifting our relationship to money and you’re helping others to make that shift. Awesome!


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