Posted by: clearspaces60 | May 25, 2016

Go First

Raise your hand and Go First.  How does that feel? Uncomfortable. Jittery. Tense. Anxious. Panicky. Terrifying.  All of the Above.

I learned the magic of Go First in a college speech class.  I was a mature adult of 25 in a class of college age students.  Because I had a real job and some sales presentations under my belt, the professor asked me to go first in an extemporaneous assignment.  That meant that you stood up in front of the class, the professor picked a slip of paper out of a bowl and read the topic.  Then you had to speak about it for 2-3 minutes.  No wonder people are more afraid of public speaking than death!

I agreed to go first.  I have no memory of the topic or anything about the speech itself.  What I do remember vividly is the feeling as I returned to my seat.  I was done. My turn was over.  I could sit and enjoy the rest of the class and really listen to the other speeches.  All my life, I was not one to raise my hand or do anything to get attention.  I would remain in the middle of the pack, not draw any attention to myself and take my turn when told to do so. I was not one of those teacher’s pets or conceited students who had to let everyone know how smart they were.  And sometimes I  was the smartest kid in the class.  Talk about Clear Spaces, I was free and clear.  Free of fear, anxiety, trepidation. My literal presence in the class was changed from nervous student to fully engaged listener.

From that point on, when I had the opportunity to present something first, I did it.  No waving my hand to get the teacher’s or customer’s attention. I courageously and confidently raised my hand or spoke up. Whether I truly had courage or confidence in that moment did not matter, I projected both knowing I would be done sooner than later and would again feel that freedom.

Now the Go First principle is great but you may not always be selected.  In the event you have to go second or third, that’s okay but give the presenters before you your full attention.  One of my favorite experiences of being chosen to go second taught gave me a huge gift.  I was in a prosperity class at my church and we had to do a project.  Now in order to manifest prosperity you have to participate in the process.  You can’t just sit on your ass and wait for everything to come to you (sorry if I burst your bubble).

The minister told us to create or make something we had never done before. Oh Shit! I hope I said to myself, I am the least crafty person alive, what am I going to do?  For some crazy reason it occurred to me that building a model of a sports car would be my project.  After all, the parts were made, you glued them together, you painted them and then you had the perfect model of a little Porsche that would be manifested later in the full size model.  Having never done any type of model building or even seen it (I have three sisters), I was complying with the project guidelines and had no idea what I was doing.  Several hours after I opened the box and tried to get all those little pieces apart and attempting to follow the directions, I called a male friend for help.  Oh, have I mentioned that I was the ripe old age of 27 at this time and qualities like delegating and asking for assistance were not yet in my bailiwick.  My friend came over and took one look at the box and the parts and started laughing.  It seems that I had bought one of the most difficult models to put together.  Evidently, smaller isn’t easier in the model building world.

Well 8 or so weeks later, I had completed the engine block.  That’s right, I manifested the engine block! It was gorgeous, shiny silver and it fit in the palm of my hand.  I could not wait to present my project.  The final night of class came, the minister asked for volunteers to go first.  I raised my hand and so did one of my friends.  She was waving her arm like a crazy woman, begging the minister and me to go first. I had never seen her like this, she was MUCH more mature than me, in her late 30’s!  I couldn’t believe she was acting like this. I agreed since I knew I would give a thrilling presentation right after she was done.  She got up on the sanctuary stage empty-handed.  Where was her project? What had she done?  She proceeded to tell us that she had always wanted to have a baby but was unable to have children.  In the 8 or so weeks of this class she had-wait   for   it   -manifested a BABY!  All arrangements had been made for her to adopt a newborn baby boy.  We all cheered and applauded and cried.  What an incredible demonstration of her faith, focus and action.

Then, it was my turn.  I was thrilled for my friend and had no idea how to follow her.  I walked onto the stage and it appeared I was empty-handed.  I said how in the world do you follow someone who MANIFESTED A BABY in 8 weeks!  I don’t know exactly what I said but I made sure to let everyone know that I did not do my project on my own, that I had asked for and received help, a big lesson for me.  Then I opened my hand, extended my arm and showed off my little engine block.  I can still hear the laughter and the cheers.

Many people followed me that night.  My class partner made jewelry for the first time and at the end of her presentation she handed it all to me as a gift.  Her husband, who was a well-known actor, baked bread from scratch and had us all in tears as he shared the beauty of his journey.  One woman went into some kind of diatribe that I did not understand and the minister had to physically escort her from the stage.  Other people shared crafts and goodies and lessons learned. We showered each other love and support.  The class ended and we met that little baby boy a few weeks later.

I truly believe there is magic in volunteering to Go First.  And if that doesn’t work out then at least you were prepared to do so, you gathered your courage and confidence, and as always, your turn was always at the right time.


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