Posted by: clearspaces60 | July 6, 2016

Are You READY to Receive?

I hear you, this blog is called Clear Spaces. Doesn’t that mean we are clearing shit stuff out? Decluttering, making room, giving what we don’t use, need, want or love the old heave-ho?  Yes, it means all of that.  AND it means making room for what we do want to receive.

We do not live in a stagnant universe and unless you want to be incredibly frugal or live off the grid, then we are going to have stuff continue to come into our lives.  The answer is twofold, First, are you open to receive what you want, need, desire and love?  I think quite a bit is focused on being open. So let’s talk about the Second aspect, are you READY to receive it?

We may think we are ready to receive more money, better health, a romantic relationship, new job and whatever else our heart desires yet we forget to clean up and make room both literally and figuratively.

I learned a lot from Edwene Gaines, an icon in manifesting and prosperity.  I had the great fortune to hear her speak a couple of times in my late 20’s.  Many of us in the audience wanted a significant other and a couple of things she said really stuck with me. First, she wanted you to have a clear and specific idea about your desired mate, second she asked what our house looked like, was the living room ready for company? Who wants to make out on a couch that is covered with newspapers and clothes with a messy coffee table? Well she was in her 50’s at that time so I guess the men in her life had higher standards.  Then she asked if our bedrooms were ready for a guest. Edwene!!  Perhaps this is why that image stuck with me.

Yet this can be applied to anything we are open to receiving.  Do you know where you will put the money when you receive it, are the deposit slips handy? If banking on-line, do you know your user name and password?  Do you have a plan in place so the money doesn’t slip through your fingers?  How about Health?  We think we are ready for better health, but have we looked at how our lives will change. Are we ready for more energy, more time, more opportunities to take because our illness, injury is gone?  Are we truly ready to weigh less?  Do we have at least a couple of outfits for this smaller, leaner frame? If you want to travel, do you have the proper ID to fly or a passport to leave the country?

Now here are a couple of hard ones for me, I want more books and more shoes.  Yes, I have three Kindles, my husband keeps trying to get me to use them and at times I do, but for the most part I love the actual book.  And as much I want a library, there is no room in the house.  Can I ask myself the tough questions, which books can I give away and how do I make more room on my bookshelves?  Hard but necessary.  And shoes, anyone have connections to Bandelino? My favorite brand, I can spot a pair a mile away.  At this time, I don’t necessarily have to release any shoes, because I have been pretty diligent about my closet for the past few years.  I may have to rearrange a few things and this is still part of getting Ready to receive those beautiful shoes.

Now with the physical work out of the way, what about the mental and emotional work.  Ready for a new partner or a new job? Are you? Are there any exes you need to let go of emotionally? Companies, bosses or co-workers to forgive so they don’t show up in different clothing this time around?  Release and forgive so repeat offenders stay far, far away.

Take a look at what you want to bring into your life.  Make sure there is Space Available in your head, heart and home.



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