Posted by: clearspaces60 | August 13, 2016

Clear Spaces to Come

As I look around our home, I see the clear spaces to come.  The desk in the living room, the bathroom counter, the empty hamper, the key dish on the piano, the kitchen table.  His bed will be in a perpetual state of “made”, his dresser will be cleared of Starbucks cups, his floor will be void of clothes and books and homework from the past.  I find myself looking at his giant shoes on the living room floor and thinking, they won’t be there in a couple of weeks.  I won’t be asking him to straighten things up because friends are coming over.

I know there are other clear spaces to come, some I can expect and others that will surprise me.  No more asking him if he needs anything when we go to the store.  Although he is only an hour away so that may come up once in a while.  He has done his own laundry for years but no more coordinating unless he brings it home to do. What have I not anticipated? Our Bengal cat who thinks of him as her Human, how will she react to “their” empty room?  What will my own concerns, worries, wonders, expectations and excitement for his new beginning really feel like after he has moved into his dorm?

Right now I am on this side of it and doing my best to stay present and checking in with these whirlwind emotions.  Excitement and Anxiety are two sides of the same coin.  That’s okay, there are huge adjustments to be made for him and for us. I am working on rolling with it and allowing us all to deal with it as it comes up for us.  Being present and allowing space, that intangible place we all need when things are changing in a big way. I will let you know that is on the other side.  Another clear space to come.

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