Posted by: clearspaces60 | October 5, 2016


Thinking about unfinished business makes me feel like there is an anchor around my neck, weighting me down, sapping my strength.  I spend more time thinking about it than dealing with it.  This too is draining.  At times it is simple stuff; paying a bill online that is due today or straightening up before company comes, other times it is more difficult and time consuming like preparing for your income tax appointment or cleaning out your fridge.  Unfinished business can apply to many areas in your life; health, home, family, work, school, church or anything else you are interested in or made a commitment to doing.

The most frustrating part for me is when you are ready, willing and able to tackle the work and then you hit a roadblock or get interrupted.  Papers are missing, phone calls go unreturned, e-mails are not answered or some other wrench gets thrown into the works.  While this is all a part of everyday life and for the most part things generally work themselves out- in that very moment, how do we respond?  Honestly, the true question is- how do we react?

When the unfinished business isn’t tangible, then it can be even harder to bring to a conclusion.  Conversations, apologies, standing up for yourself, requesting with assertion what is rightfully yours, can weigh heavily on your mind and heart until there is completion.

I had a situation go on for two years, yes for two years this matter appeared regularly on my To Do lists!  Now I know that some unfinished business goes on for many years, even decades, especially with property, land, family matters.  In my case, Chrysler owed us a refund on the unused portion of a service warranty contract for a van we had traded in for a new Chrysler van. We were told by the finance guy that we had to turn in our original paperwork to the dealer where we purchased the old van, even though that legal entity was no longer in business, we were supposed to drive this paperwork over an hour away to the “new” dealership.  Even though we were buying the van right here at the Chrysler dealership in our hometown!   He also said that we could mail our original paperwork to Chrysler in Michigan.  Well, I couldn’t find the original paperwork, I had a copy and the contract was already on file at Chrysler, confirmed by both a phone call to corporate and the computer in our hometown dealership.  I made phone calls, wrote letters, a few months would go by and I would make more phone calls.  My husband even said, you will never get that refund.  All of this weighed on me and took up far too much time and space in my head.

When I did find the original paperwork, I called again, not wanting to give up my original.  I sent more copies and after two years went by, I got a response that “yes indeed we were due a refund”, $25, not the $800 the computer showed in the Chrysler records. Why?  Because too much time had passed.

Well that was it, we really needed the money at this point in time and I was done.  I knew that we were owed this money so I decided to turn it over to the Universe/Spirit/God.  I said a prayer, decided to take all the actions that were in my power and then LET IT GO!

I was going to let everyone know about this, call the consumer people on local news stations and shout out to the world that we were done with Chrysler because I WAS DONE.  I called the person on the letter and shared all of this with them, then they escalated the call.  I was connected to a woman who started telling me why my refund was only $25 and something inside me broke wide open. Normally I am very patient (at least the beginning of the call) but I was done, I no longer cared as my emotions had reached a pinnacle and we needed this money and knew this multi-billion-dollar corporation could easily send us our refund.

Somewhere in my nonstop explanation, I asked her just what it took to be considered a “Chrysler family” IF three top of the line Town and Country vans, a 300C, a 300M, a Patriot Jeep and a Dodge Durango didn’t cut it over a 16-year period of time?  Then I paused for her answer.  Then she started asking me questions, looking up all of our records, and as I calmed down, her anger grew.  She told me things that I knew were true two years ago.  The finance guy that told me all of this was dead wrong.  He could have and in her opinion, should have, taken care of everything with NO paperwork because it was in the system. She had worked for Chrysler for 20 years and they have never had a policy of turning in your original paperwork to anyone.  The fact that we traded it in for a new van made her even angrier.  She was livid and if she didn’t live in Michigan we would now be best friends. She was processing my correct refund as we talked about our lives, our kids, our vehicles.  All of my anger, frustration and fury dissipated.  She had heard every word I said and validated everything that I knew to be true for the past two years. I asked her if there was someplace I could tell Chrysler what a great employee she was and she said there was no need.  I am sure I have her name written down in my paperwork.  After a year and a half, is there still time to sing her praises?

We had our refund within a week, we received it when we really needed it and I vowed to see unfinished business in a new light.  We can only do what we can do, you hear that all the time, but it is still true. Patience and perseverance are often difficult but do pay off more often than they don’t.  And unfinished business comes in many formats, perhaps acknowledging it is the first step, especially when you don’t know what action step to take.

Now how do I get Chrysler to realize that I belong in those minivan commercials with Jeannie and Jim Gaffigan? I need the money for our son’s college tuition!

P.S.  He is driving a Dodge Dart.



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