Posted by: clearspaces60 | February 11, 2017

2017-How Is Your Year Going?

Here we are on February 11th as promised.  I find that my list of aspects I would like to attain-both tangible and abstract – is changing daily and sometimes hourly.  The climate of our country and the world, both political and environmental, is changing faster than I can keep up with. (OK Grammar Police, help me with that sentence). What actions can I take?  How can I be heard? How can I make a difference in the lives of others?  All good questions requiring thought and contemplation. More on this as our year unfolds.

Back to my previous post, I wanted to walk several times a week, that has not happened.  I asked myself Why?  I was sick part of the time, it rained some of the time, I was really busy and oh yeah, I just plain procrastinated.  Yet I asked myself, was there anything I did around physical exercise or health that was better than before?  Well, yes there was.  My other desire to subtract items that do not inspire joy and beauty in our home resulted in a great deal of physical effort to move, sort, box up, bag up and clean.  I filled our porch for the donation truck and gave some items to friends and family.  I also realized that I had been walking a lot more when I went out or went shopping, parking farther away than usual for a longer walk and I was standing a whole lot more when I was working or cleaning or talking on the phone. I cleared a few spaces, shelves, drawers, and reorganized a few areas.  Nothing big, but I can see it. Not perfect, but a little progress.

Building on these ideas and desires, I now want to add focusing on our business as corporate and personal taxes are due in March and April.  In an attempt to boost my energy around this, I started reading a book that I have had for at least a decade but have never read, how it landed on the top of a pile of books is serendipitous because I swear I have not touched it in years.  Visionary Business by Marc Allen.  I am about half way through, it is more of a story, like Richard Bach’s Illusions, (one of my all-time favorite books ever) AND it says that on the back cover. It is exactly what I need in this moment.

My other desire is to write more often, keep a better schedule and blog once a week.  Lofty goals, as I have had them for years, but putting them out to the small masses that read this feels like a promise to myself first and foremost.  And a promise to those that support me in my writing.

Let me hear from you about your quest to add your desired aspects, goals, desires and dreams and to subtract what you do not love, use, need or no longer serves you.  Here’s to seeing you next week!


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