Posted by: clearspaces60 | April 11, 2017

Time to Begin Anew AGAIN!

Between the Pink Moon, Passover and Holy Week, the reminders of a new season, freedom, liberation and rebirth are limitless. Opportunities for a fresh start, a new way of living, and pursuing our desires seem to be everywhere.  We have several obvious reminders during the year beginning with New Year’s Day, the current Spring events and the new school year in the Fall to start over.  We know we can start over at any time, in any moment, but many of us look forward to some sort of grand event thinking that this time it will be different.  Too many of us vow to begin again, Next Monday.

What are we waiting for? What are we looking for? What are we dreaming of?  I made a commitment to myself to post on my blog on the 11th of each month at the very minimum.  Imagine my surprise last night when I was putting the date on a piece of paper and thought, Oh Shit, tomorrow’s the 11th!!  It’s not that I don’t want to write for my blog, I love writing for my blog but so many other things get in the way and I don’t always manage my time as well as I could/should/want to/need to etc.

I have been doing a couple of things differently this year.  Although I can easily assist another person in organizing their shit treasured possessions, doing that for myself is often draining and overwhelming.  I battled this for decades and had an epiphany several years ago.  I turned this around and embraced the fact that when you are emotionally involved or your livelihood depends on the situation, then asking for help is the healthy thing to do.  Just like you should not edit your own writing, you cannot always be objective about yourself or your shit stuff.  Once I stopped fighting this belief, things flowed.

Last month, I hired a dear friend to help me declutter our kitchen and it was worth every cent.  The work went faster than I ever imagined, my family answered all her questions when sorting items, she saw things that were too close for us to observe and she did a lot of the work as well.  Emptying cabinets, dealing with shelf paper that either would not stick or stuck so well we could not move it and going to different stores with me to purchase items that would work for us.  Her objective eye was a true gift.

I also started working on a better way of organizing our business and personal files for this year, even though I have containers of archives to sort and purge.  Keeping current now and getting help with the older files is a new and different way for me.  It has relieved a burden of thinking that all that past stuff had to be done first.  Why did I think that?  I don’t really know! But being present in the present makes more sense to me.

I spend a great deal of time managing our money, both personal and business and it got me thinking about budgets and spending plans.  Do I do that with my time?  Do I consider it as valuable?  Do I consciously choose how I spend it?  Does the guilt of wasted time serve me in any form or fashion?  How can I approach budgeting my own time?  How many times can I begin anew, again and again and again?  Honoring my commitments to myself is a good place to start. See you May 11th if not sooner 😊

Happy Pink Moon! Happy Pesach! Happy Easter!

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