Posted by: clearspaces60 | October 26, 2018

What Are You Ready to Win?

Most people would love to win the lottery.  Lottery Fever is in the air with the recent record-breaking billion-dollar jackpots.  Even matching some of the numbers could lead you to becoming a millionaire. Daydreaming about how you would spend the money is a wonderful way to spend some time.  Many people say that they want to help their family and give to charity.  These are great goals and of course mostly fantasy, yet there are winners, few and far between, but people do win.

If you were one of the lucky winners, are you ready for it? Do you know your state’s laws about the lottery? Most states force you to be publicly identified, are you ready for that? Are you prepared for the onslaught of requests for money and the incredible number of long-lost relatives that are going to come out of the wood work?  Do you have a banker, an accountant, a financial adviser, and a lawyer?  Is it better for you to create a trust or a LLC?  Have you investigated the charities you want to give to? Do you want to start your own charitable foundation? Do you know how? Are you aware that you can only give a person $15,000 a year without any tax ramifications? Do you have a strong backbone as you will need to get really comfortable with the word “no”?

These are all great problems to be solved.  As with any dream or desire, we need to spend some time preparing ourselves for it to come true.  Turning our dreams and desires into goals helps us figure out what we need to learn as well as what steps to take.

Some lottery winners’ lives take a turn for the worse. They trust the wrong people, they find out the true nature of their relatives and friends, or they simply could not accept the windfall of wealth and spend the money until it is gone.  Greed, jealousy, anger and resentment fully come to the surface when someone does not support your success or good fortune.

Prepare yourself for receiving your dreams and desires, no matter what they are.  Surround yourself with spiritual armor so when people tell you that your idea is nuts, you’re crazy, you don’t deserve it, etc., you can boldly stand in the truth of your vision.  Spend some time thinking about what great problems you need to solve to get what you want, and then go about the business of learning how to solve them.  What are you ready to win today?

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