Posted by: clearspaces60 | December 24, 2018


I wrote this about eight or nine years ago.  I read it to my beloved writers group every year whether they want to hear it or not! I ended my facilitation of the group last month and this was the last piece I read to them.  It was truly a bittersweet moment, but as Jeffrey in the group wrote, Nothing Lasts. Here we go again 🙂

There is a vase on our dresser that is nearly full of change from my husband’s pockets or when my wallet is too full.  We use it once in a while for lunch money or when my son repays me for some item we have bought for him and he needs change from his dollar bills. We used to roll the coins and take them to the bank but that has become more difficult over time.  Now every so often we take the vase to one of those coin machines in the grocery stores to get cash and the service charge balance on a gift card.

Many years ago my husband and I were on our way to a Christmas Eve party and we stopped at a liquor store to buy some lottery tickets for his mom.  The store was next to a Laundromat and I was surprised to see quite a few people doing laundry on Christmas Eve.  This struck me as sad because these folks did not have access to a washer and dryer where they lived or maybe theirs had broken on the holiday.  I had a thought of giving these people quarters some day and parked that idea somewhere in the recesses of my brain.

This past Christmas Eve as my husband, my mom, our son and I got ready to go to a friend’s house, I remembered this idea I had many years ago.  I thought to myself, we are going to do this even if my husband and my mother think I’m nuts.  I enlisted my son’s help and we put $5 worth of quarters into seven Ziploc Bags.  This took about 15 minutes and barely made a dent in the amount of change in the vase.  I explained to my husband and mom what I wanted to do, so on the way to the party we stopped at the same Laundromat.  We all went inside and gave a bag of quarters to each person.  It turned out to be one family with seven people doing their laundry.  We wished them each Merry Christmas and they said thank you several times with questioning looks of surprise on their faces.

It was a great experience for us as well.  I was thrilled to have acted on an idea I had thought about many years ago.  Using a little change to make a big change felt wonderful.  It reminded me to act on my intuition sooner rather than later and not to worry about how crazy some intuitive thoughts can appear to be.  Change comes in everything we see, hear, do, own and create.  They say the only real constant in this Universe is change.  So perhaps if we want consistency and peace, we must wholeheartedly embrace Change on every level.

Wishing the merriest of Christmases and a New Year filled with wonderful blessings ❤


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