Posted by: clearspaces60 | May 7, 2019

Decluttering My Decisions

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!  Right now, as I am typing, our kitchen and family room are being remodeled and it is very noisy.  It feels like we made thousands of decisions before this project began but, I am pretty sure it was less than a hundred.  We are still making decisions as things are changing and problems are cropping up.

Since this is my first blog of the year, I have taken a hard look at why I have not written and posted up until now.  I spend a lot of time thinking about writing something, lots of ideas come to mind and then quickly disappear as I get sidetracked or am too focused on my too long To Do List.  Other times I am just plain tired, lazy and procrastinating.  I like to think that by thinking, I am being thoughtful, careful, perhaps wise, in order to make a space for something profound to occur to me, something worth sharing.

The truth is, there are endless topics to write about.  I write Morning Pages nearly every day, there is sure to be a gem in there occasionally. The fact is, I have not made a conscious, committed decision to make my love of writing a priority.  This is a decision I want to change.

Making all the decisions around the remodel, in addition to all the other decisions I have made this year; financial, health, business, personal, daily planning etc., made me realize that at times, I am putting too much time and energy into some of them.  When the idea of “decluttering my decisions” came to me, I was struck by the thought that I had never thought about this before.  Decisions are a huge part of decluttering and organizing.  People make decisions in different ways for different reasons.  But decluttering the decision-making process itself, that was a new idea to me.

I think it was planted by all the people who have commented on all the fun we must be having in selecting everything. FUN?? And we must be so excited about all of it.  How about PANIC/TERROR/FEAR of choosing something WRONG!!  I started looking at how much time and energy I was putting into every decision and started to see the imbalance.  If I was trying to decide when to do something, if it could be done now instead of in the future, I did my best to just get it done. If it wasn’t urgent, I let it wait.  Is the decision something that can be changed or something permanent? Am I giving too much time and energy to things I cannot control? Am I accepting that at times I procrastinate?  Can I forgive myself and begin again?

I am looking at my decisions, especially to write, through a lens of joy and fun.  I am much more conscious of my time, what I am thinking about, and where I am focusing my attention.  Having played with this idea for about a month, I invite you to see if your decisions need some decluttering.  Let me know if it works for you.



  1. Love it. I think the key phrase is ” to write through the lens of joy and fun”. Some of the best writing to me is tinged with humour, even subtle humour than is born of joy and fun! Cultivating an awareness of the sheer absurdity of life helps too!!


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